about The organizers


Hi! We’re Fiona and Amanda. Together we’re Knit Social, and we’ve been creating community knitting events in and around Vancouver BC since 2012.

We first met as young mothers at our co-op knitting group in 2011 and we’ve been knitting together ever since.

We are both very passionate about knitting and fibre/textile arts, and sharing that passion with our local community and beyond is what keeps us producing events.

Early on in our knitting careers, we recognized the immense talent in the Vancouver knitting community and made it our mission to create a space where this talent can thrive. That space includes both intimate events like retreats and large scale productions like Knit City Vancouver, and now Knit City Montreal!

Producing these events is a mighty task for just the two of us, but with our loyal team of outstanding volunteers we are committed to keep producing the very best fibre festivals we can. Our goal is to always be improving on our events to make the experience continuously better for our attendees. We strive to keep growing and evolving to serve this amazing community for many more events in the future.