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Cables: The Basics and Beyond - Andrea Rangel

  • Atrium Inn Seymour 2889 East Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, V5K 2A1 Canada (map)

Do you love the intricate, lush look of cabled sweaters, but feel nervous about learning to cable? Cables are just rearranged stitches and in this hands-on workshop expert knitter, teacher, and designer Andrea Rangel will guide you through everything you’ll need to know to take on that gorgeous cabled project. Learn how to read those cryptic cable charts and abbreviations, and practice many different kinds of cables. If you already know the basics, this class will expand on those for you – you’ll get information on how cabled fabric acts and feels different from plain Stockinette (and what that means for your project), as well as handy tricks like how to cable without a cable needle and how to count rows in cabled fabric. Expand your knitting possibilities – get cabling! 

Student Materials:

At least 50 yd/46 m DK- or worsted-weight wool yarn 

Needles appropriate for your yarn 

A spare dpn in the same or a smaller needle size 

Cable needle 

Technique Requirements: Cast on/bind off; knit/purl; have knit a few accessories 

Cost: $120