What to expect for registration

We are using a new registration system this year, so here is a step-by-step photo tutorial to show you exactly what to expect when registration opens June 15th at 7pm.

image 1.jpg

Go to the Purchase Tickets page.

Clicking on the black banner will take you directly there, or you can find it in the Workshops drop down banner.

Choose your workshop, lecture, or admission tickets.

You can select and pay for one ticket at a time (recommended) or select all at once to add to your order.

Please keep in mind that if any tickets need to be cancelled, we can't cancel and refund partial orders. Every item on your order will need to be cancelled. 

image 2.jpg

image 3.jpg

Go to the checkout

At the bottom of the registration widget you will see your sub-total and a button marked NEXT which will take you to your checkout page.

image 4.png

The Checkout page

Here you will have a chance to Change Your Order if something isn't quite right. If the order is correct, enter in your FIRST & LAST NAME, and your email address.

image 5.png


Enter in either your credit card details or click on the button that will take you to the PayPal page to complete your order.

You still have a chance to go back at this point, clicking on Change these details will take you to the previous page.

FYI - In our experience during beta testing, entering your credit card directly on the page is a faster transaction than paying by PayPal.

image 6.png

Order Complete!

This is the page you will see when your order has been completed. You will also receive an email with this information, and the ticket you will need to present at the show, either in paper or digital form. 

If you'd like to keep shopping, at the bottom of this page you can go to Click here to make a new order.

Questions? View our Workshop Registration FAQ's HERE for more information.