ACCESSIBILITY at knit city

The PNE Forum is fully wheelchair accessible. We have reserved 10 parking stalls this year (from five last year) for those with disability parking placards (must be displayed). The parking attendant can direct you to the reserved stalls. Unfortunately we are unable to reserve stalls for individual people.

The main entrance (south) has double wide doors. Be aware that there is a slight slope up into the main hall. The side entrance (east) has double wide doors and a ramp. All aisles in the Marketplace will be minimum 10’ wide.

All washrooms at the PNE Forum are wheelchair accessible, and are trans and non-binary inclusive. The west side washrooms are on an even grade. The east side washrooms have a slight slope.

The Atrium Inn is fully wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp from the sidewalk on East Hastings St., as well as an elevator to the classroom on the 2nd floor, and from the underground parkade.

Wheelchair users and those with mobility issues will receive priority entrance to the Marketplace, and our volunteers will keep an eye out for anyone who requires assistance with this.

Noise and Crowds / Sensory Issues

Knit City can be very busy, noisy and crowded on Saturday, particularly from 9am until 1pm or so. If you would prefer a more relaxed environment, we would recommend attending the Marketplace on Sunday, especially from 12pm-3pm which is our quietest hours.

If you are looking for somewhere to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the show, the PNE grounds has some lovely gardens and trails to walk, either through Momiji Gardens or the Sanctuary Lake loop.

We will also be working to increase the amount of seating available within the Forum.

For confidential disability requests or discussion, please email Amanda Milne at Discussion can take place via email, phone or video chat at your request.